Tinkerbell Cake Pops

My kids and I baked our usual Madeira cake to make these cake pops, a tried and tested recipe I use for most birthday cakes. I usually let the cake sit overnight before I start decorating but in the interest of speed, we sliced it while it was still warm to allow it to cool down quicker!

fresh out of the oven

I crumbled up the cake, added some condensed milk and brought it all together and formed the mix into little balls which were placed on a lined baking sheet. These went into the fridge for about 20 minutes to harden.

We dipped the lollipop sticks into some edible glue (I do a lot of cake decorating) but you can also dip them into whatever you are going to coat the balls in. This will ensure that the balls stay in place better. Next, we pushed the sticks into the cake balls and put them back into the fridge for about 10 minutes.

it’s a stick up!

We chose to use Green and Black’s organic white chocolate for the coating. Zapped it in the microwave (as I always do), tinted it ever so slightly with green and stirred it for about a minute to let cool slightly. My kids then picked a cake pop each and dipped them thoroughly in the chocolate and placed them back on the baking sheet. I gave them an option of having them completely round (stick them in styrofoam the right way around) or a flat top, well you can see what they chose! Back in the fridge they went while we had dinner!

all covered up!

Assembly was left completely up to the kids. A fairy here, a bug there, feathers, feathers everywhere! TA – DA!


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