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How to make Harissa, a North African Chilli Paste

Harissa is a North African chilli paste or sauce (depending on your viewpoint), earthy and smoky in flavour. At its very basic, it has chillies, garlic, salt, olive oil and lemon juice and very frequently, also cumin, coriander and caraway seeds. Every North African family will have its own recipe, that is if they bother making it at all, because here in Morocco, fresh Harissa Read more

Creating a spacious dining space in a small apartment

Creating a spacious dining space in a small apartment

Having a dedicated space to dine can make a real difference in your home. It can mean romantic candlelit dinners with your other half, family meals when everybody spends time together, or the chance to entertain guests. It can also be difficult to arrange if you don’t have a lot of space, but necessity is the mother of invention. These simple tips can help you Read more

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