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Bresaola – two ways


Do you drastically change what you eat and perhaps, how you eat, depending on the seasons? What else affects meal preparations and planning? Holidays certainly, work, maybe? Exams? House move?

Well, I think summertime does tend to mean a little lighter for me generally, it’s so wonderful to be able to enjoy all the fresh, delightful fruit and vegetables this time of year. So Read more


Cooking Italian for Beginners


I have another brand new Cookery Course on called “Cooking Italian for Beginners”. As its name implies, it is aimed at complete beginners and I take students back to basics with it. Incidentally, you can also get Udemy on your mobiles and devices.

Free for a very limited period – read on to find out more!

The course aims at teaching students not just Read more

World Cuisines at your Fingertips

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