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Barberries or Zereshk

Barberries or Zereshk

Barberries, Berberis or Zereshk in Persian are a delightful, useful, and once you use it, indispensable ingredient in your pantry. It’s one of those ingredients like Sumac and Sundried Tomato Paste that makes you a believer from the first use and have you going, “How did I ever survive without it?” There are many different types of barberries, depending on which part of the world they grow. Some of the shrubs are grown for their ornamental value, with their yellow coloured leaves, red or black berries. The edible type is called Berberis Vulgaris and pretty much grows wild in Asia and Europe. Barberries... Read more →

Moroccan Meatballs

Moroccan Meatballs with Eggs in Tomato Sauce

I have many favourite places to visit and each one is always associated with food! I have so many fond memories of eating these Moroccan Meatballs on a number of occasions in Morocco, in fact, on one particular trip, I couldn’t help myself and had it for lunch for four straight days! What was interesting was the fact that each one was just slightly different from the other and confirms my belief that there never is one single way of cooking a recipe, no matter what anyone says! There isn’t anything particularly difficult or complicated about Kefta Mkaouara or Moroccan Meatballs,... Read more →

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